Urban Development is one of my interest. 

I was keen to understand how development spreads across the city. To understand city development,  we need to understand two central concepts. First, how a town evolves and second how evolution happens within a town. I propose a seven phase model explaining how a population surrounding a business or factory transforms into a town. Through the transformation we point to some important developments in terms of people and their work. 

The idea book postulates a growth model called “Affinity Factor Model” to explain how localities develop within a town. “Affinity factors” are those that drive the citizens towards them – e.g. business district and schools are key affinity factor. The models help us understand why airports, usually built outside city limits, attract residential populations. Or, on a lighter note, we can guess where a company will locate its office! We also derive a method to understand relative pricing between different areas. Further, we look at fundamental ideas for knowing if house prices are higher. 

I also propose a structure of township centered around a workplace, based on first principles.

Download the e-book "How Cities Develop?" here.