My work gravitates around few core themes viz., Investment management, Economics, Urban Development and Law.


I am a litigation lawyer practising Civil and Commercial Law (mostly) and sometimes Criminal Law. As a corollary, I study law, and how it is implemented on the ground, as the foundation of our social prosperity. As it drives my court practice, it also enriches my understanding on the legal and social principles. Read about it in Law Section.

Finance & Investments

I am primarily an investor. As an investor, while working for Morgan Stanley, I had the ring-side view of the 2008 crash. My research about it revealed something very disturbing. The basic mechanics of investments and market dynamics had changed. I tried to capture it in my 2010 book "Subverting Capitalism & Democracy". Read more about my Finance and investment activities in the Finance Section.

Fundamental Economics

This section talks about my interest in firms, organisation design and other related topics. It started out as search for the source of Warren Buffet's "moat". My forays into shop floors led me to a manager's model of the firm. Apart from that my interest in eradication of Poverty led to a Snakes-&-Ladders model for poverty eradication. Read more about it in the Economics section.

Urban Development

I love to understand what makes cities viable, vibrant and such an immense engines of economic and social growth. The dispersion of development in the cities seemed interesting to me. Research in this area led to a Development Dispersion model which I call "Affinity factor model". Read more about it in the Urban Development Section.