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Research Papers

  1. Common Law and Indian Cases on Medical Negligence deals with lays down the position of law on medical negligence to distill what care the doctors, patients and the hospitals need to take to reduce the instances of legal medical negligence. (2019)
  2. Pre-marital Sex & Marriage – Position of Indian Law” deals with how Indian courts have dealt with cases of relationships which are not marriage but "in the nature" of marriage. (2013)
  3. Common Law cases on liabilities of undisclosed Principal” deals with liabilities of principal when his identity is not disclosed by the agent. (2013)
  4. Common Law cases on Remoteness of Damages” concerns with primary cause of damages in case of breach of contract particularly after the famous Achilles case. (2012)

  1. US, China & Free Trade looks at the reason there is a trade dispute between US and China, whether US China Trade is indeed fair and what are possible options for each of the countries to play this Trade War. (2019)
  2. A Solution to Farmer Suicides & Loan Waivers explores the reasons for agricultural stress and proposes a solution in the form of Smart Agriculture Management System (SAMS) to help markets function better in agriculture. (2017)
  3. Black Money and Demonetisation tries to predict if Demonetisation was a good idea or not. It explains the effect on black money and tries to evaluate the merits of the decision. (2016)