Indic Revival

I have been thinking about a multi-faceted civilisational revival for quite some time. Most of my enquiries related mostly to economics and law. With those wheels gaining some sort of traction, it is imperative that we revive the ingenius dharmic framework that supports this civilisation. To this end Indic Revival is crucial. It need community participation. 

The traditional mechanisms went through temples and centrality of temples as Indic institutions (banks, judiciary, medical support) was foundation of Indic community coordination. I am enthused with current efforts to reclaim temples from government control. Ordinarily I would wait to achieve the revival through the traditional pathways of temples. However, the eecent conference about dismantling Hinduism was quite a wake-up call to institute an organised Hindu, and therefore, Indic revival. The efforts currently underway, it seems, are diffused. This is irksome in two ways. 

No matter the strategy, the first step is to identify what is going on and who is involved. I have curated a list below to help with this.

Hindusim -The Basics

Hinduism The basics E1.pdf