Primarily, I invest in Indian Equity markets. By all measures I am a very conservative long term investor. However, I do have a small resource pool to counter market asymmetry. Previously, I was a buy-side Analyst working with $18billion multi-strategy hedge-fund. More details are listed in my resume. My finance and economics blog, are linked. You can connect with me on LinkedIn.

Market Mechanics

My first book "Subverting Capitalism & Democracy" discusses the systemic faults in the democracy & capitalism that created conditions favourable for the 2008 crisis. In the book, I discuss some of these systemic issues we must deal with to avoid a repeat of such terrible occurrence. It also describes the underlying changes that are affecting how markets move and asset prices. The changes in these mechanics do not bode well for the society. Nevertheless, the role of investor remains important but it is not be all and end all of the society. 


I have put together some thoughts on sectoral investments in the following ebooks.

Investing in Real Estate Developers

Investors got fantastic returns investing into real estate developers. However, as times become difficult, it is important to separate the grain from the chaff. I present some bits of knowledge I collected while analysing real estate developers. These, I hope, will help investors identify the great developers and thus make better investment decisions. The list is to be read in addition to prudential investment and valuation principles and practices. Download the e-book " Investing in Real Estate Developers" here.

Growth Phases of Telecom Companies

Telecom Service Providers are mass consumer high technology companies. The telecom service provider does not simply grow. These companies transform from voice telephony operators to bandwidth service operators and finally into a holding company for other telecom companies. The following IdeaPaper details those five phases of transformation. I have also given some key characteristics of each phase. Download the e-book "Growth Phases of Telecom Companies" here.

New Tele-density Paradigms

The growth potential of any telecom company is a function of Tele-density and MOU. Yet, the concept of tele-density and MOU have not been understood well. A few innovations in the past few years have added new life to both these variables in ways analysts have failed to grasp. Download the e-book "New Teledensity Paradigms" here.